Tuesday, September 17, 2013

  1. What is spongebob?
  2. Who are those characters?
  3. Where is this taking place?
  4. What is twerking?
  5. What are these characters?
  6. Why are they doing that movement?
  7. Does the music play a role?
  8. What significance does the music have with this type of dance?
  9. What song is playing?
  10. Who is signing that song?
  11. What type of music is that?
  12. What genre of music best fits twerking?
  13. Is there a certain beat to follow in this dance?
  14. Where did this dance originate from?
  15. What is the point of twerking?
Thesis: Society plays a huge influence in the world and even cartoons can create the wrong impression.